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Keller Williams Proprietary Technology

Our agents have full access to Keller Williams proprietary technology. The KW technology platform has no equal in the industry. No other real estate company can match Keller Williams’ focus on developing technology solutions. With this proprietary technology, our agents have all of the tools they require to be successful in their real estate business. From a robust CRM system to a customized website, agents benefit from KW’s commitment to technology excellence.

What is the Keller Cloud?

We are glad you asked! KW’s Keller Cloud is where all of KW’s proprietary technological tools work together easily, quickly, and harmoniously. All of these tools were created at the same time so they interact seamlessly across each function. As a result, they provide agents with best-in-class solutions. They also create smooth and easy experiences for clients. What is at the heart of the Keller Cloud? Actually, some very interesting concepts: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Woman using KW technology to communicate with other real estate agents

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology?

At its heart, AI is just the concept of allowing a computer to do things on its own. It also lets the computer learn from what it is doing. Therefore, it can make incremental enhancements to processes. AI allows computers to:

  • Learn from the experiences it is going through
  • Accept and analyze various inputs it receives
  • Use these inputs to make adjustments where necessary
  • Perform actions that are close to those that a human would perform

It is with the help of AI that KW’s propriety technology and tools are able to work together. By working together within the Keller Cloud, these tools provide much better solutions for agents. As a result, these tools can also take care of several tasks for agents, including:

  • Identifying useful information from raw data
  • Assisting agents with goal prioritization
  • Driving lead generation activities
Real estate agent leveraging KW technology to success in his business

Command is The Technology Hub for Your Database

Every agent has a database, and KW has Command. This is the tool that helps agents manage their database efficiently and effectively. Through this tool, agents can bring their database to life! Command also lets agents create a variety of Smart Plans. These Smart Plans help agents keep in close contact with all of their leads.


Features of Command

Some of the amazing features of Command that agents appreciate include:

  • Easily and quickly assign leads to various groups
  • Sort and organize these groups for specific communications
  • Automatically send out targeted follow-up messages
  • Identify and track those leads that engage with the communications
  • Set leads to specific communication plans based on how they interact

Having such a powerful tool as Command at their fingertips is what makes our agents so successful. Imagine having a tool at your disposal that automatically sends out registration pages for events. Not only that, it also sends out reminders of events for every lead who expressed interest. As a result, you will have no more worries about missed opportunities with Command! And with the list of those who did register with you at your event, you will be ready to greet everyone as they arrive.


Put Command to Work for You Today!

Command is the technology that all real estate agents wish they could have. However, as an agent at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott, you have direct access to this powerful technology. It will be easy to manage your database and have Command tools to drive your success. Why not turn your raw data into actionable information that can help you help your clients? With actionable information at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily manage your business. As a result, you can focus on opportunities and growth, and let Command work for you.

Easy to Use Templates for Multi-Channel Strategies in Campaigns

Not only is the Command technology powerful–it contains an amazing library of resources. In this library are several marketing assets and prepared templates. Agents looking to perform any number of marketing activity can find the right resource they need, right there in Command. Once an agent identifies the right resource, it is easy to move over to Campaigns. This is the feature where an agent will send communications to the prospects and clients in their database.

Reporting and Analytics

If you are familiar with dynamic ads, then you will know that Command has a powerful function that reports results. With this reporting, agents will know exactly which future action they should take to help drive a lead into their marketing pipeline. Agents will know what is working with the use of Command and its strong analytical function. Therefore, agents can adjust their programs accordingly. As a result, agents will achieve the best and most optimal results, while saving time and effort.

Agent of the future using KW technology to drive home sales ever higher
Agents learning how to use KW technology

Are You Ready to Leverage the World through Technology?

Command technology also gives agents direct access to all of Keller Williams. KW is the most profitable and largest network in the world of real estate. Features of Command let agents access this network to perform several functions including:

  1. Finding and interacting with partners you can trust
  2. Using the technology to negotiate
  3. Focus on details and make arrangements relating to various deals
Access The World

The worldwide presence of Keller Williams is amazing. There are over 50 regions in the world represented by Keller Williams. Not only that, but this footprint continues to expand. Importantly, all of the agents at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott can access this broad network at any time. With this kind of access, agents can use this network to help their clients. They can also use the network to grow their real estate business.

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