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Wealth Building Through Keller Williams

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of an organization that focuses on the benefits wealth building? Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott offers its agents the opportunity to build wealth through the Keller Williams Profit Share Model. This innovative model provides wealth building opportunities for all associates that are completely risk-free. Not only that, but the system is completely and fully sustainable. The system only takes dollars from deals where profits are left over at the market center level. And these dollars are taken only after the market center pays all expenses.

Agent showing a home to a couple, and he benefits from wealth building by growing his network

How Does This Model Really Work?

Ultimately, this simple system focuses on profit share by rewarding Market Centers that are profitable. The basis process is as follows:

  • A real estate deal closes.
  • Associates who have not yet met their cap pays company dollars directly to the Market Center.
  • These company dollars in turn pay the operating expenses of the Market Center.
  • After expenses, any leftover money at the market Center counts as profit.
  • Associates helping the brokerage grow gain shares of the profit through wealth building.
  • The brokerage grows when associates bring on productive agents.

This model really promotes the referral of productive agents. These productive agents and the associates who refer them to the market center create a win-win opportunity. These agents act as the key for the referring agent to receive a share of profit. As a result of bringing on more productive agents, the Market Center’s profitability increases. In turn, more associates want to work in this successful environment. The best part? Each and every associate is eligible to participate in the profit share system. The model is equitable, fair, sustainable, and…profitable!

How Many Levels of Wealth Building are in the Model?

There are seven levels in the The Keller Williams Profit Share Model. Following a very simple system, the levels are easy for anyone to understand:

  • Agents who join Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott name an agent as their sponsor. This is the associate who is responsible for helping to bring them into the company.
  • The model assigns this agent to the first level of their sponsor.
  • 50% of the profit attributable to the profitable activities of the associates they bring on are given to the sponsor.
  • At each level, the percentage decreases.
  • There is a limit where these percentages do not fall below 5%.
  • The 5% lower limit is higher than any of the other the top tiers of other wealth-building systems in the real estate industry.
Agents at a team meeting learning about wealth building and KSCORE Keller Williams Northern Arizona
Happy couple benefits from wealth building in their later years

Profit Sharing that Your Heirs Can Inherit with Wealth Building

Associates at Keller Williams have the best wealth building opportunity in the industry. The KW profit sharing model specifically promotes the profitability of the Market Centers. Another important point: it is inheritable.


For as long as the associates that an agent helped bring to the Market Center continue adding to its profit, the agent will receive this passive income. After completing seven years of service, agents receive full vesting in the profit share model. As long as they do not recruit agents from KW or compete against the company, they can continue receiving profit share as long as the market center is generating profit.

Agents certainly can’t continue working forever. There may be a time when they are no longer involved in real estate activities. But they can continue to earn passive profit share income. As a result, this is an amazing opportunity for agents and their families to benefit from this wealth building program. Providing for future generations to benefit from the KW profit sharing model is what makes Keller Williams the industry leader in wealth building.

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