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Coaching Program

Agents in the Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott Coaching Program receive much more than coaching. These agents receive direct training, leverage, and leads. As a result, the program empowers agents to act, and this helps them achieve their goals. Agents seeking to start earning commission within the first two to three months of obtaining their license are given proven systems and models to make this a reality. The KWAZ Coaching Program is a true community. Agents who are focusing on results receive all of the benefits and support offered by a team, without having to form a team. Instead, they focus on their own business, building their real estate brand and expanding their market presence.


There are several valuable tools and proven systems in our Coaching Program. All of these resources work together to help you create the most important income-producing activities. As a result, you build a strong sales pipeline of consistent closings going forward.

  • Calendar For Training at the Market Center
  • Online Training Portal for Real Estate Essentials
  • Path to 30-60-90 Days of Success
  • Workshops Held on a Monthly Basis


  • Attend Group Coaching Sessions
  • Initial Business Consultation 1-1 Session
  • Participate in Quarterly Checkins
  • Set and Achieve Your Business Goals Using Strategic Planning Exercises
  • Coaches Will Hold You Accountable to Reaching your Business Goals
Real Estate Agents learning in the Coaching Program

Leads from the Coaching Program

The Coaching Program helps agents work with several leads. As a result, agents have ways to create more business opportunities.


You get support all through the program to help you keep moving forward. You will develop confidence and work efficiently to reach success!

  • Be Part of an Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Attend the Live Broker Hour to Learn More
  • Participate in Daily Q&A Calls to Learn From Others
  • Tap the Market Center Leadership Team for Their Expertise
Coach and student talking about her success in the Coaching Program

Coaching Program Commission Structure

  • Split: 80/20
  • Coaching fee: 10%
  • Annual Cap: $10,000
  • KWRI Royalty Fee: $3,000
  • Transaction Fee: $150, E&A: $50
  • Initial Startup fee: $270
  • Monthly fee: $85

You keep 100% of your commission once you reach the annual cap limit and you have paid the KWRI royalty fee.


Think about interviewing with a Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott team! They may have superior opportunities that will appeal to you. To make this easy, we have a terrific list of the Top 7 Best Questions to Ask a Team to help you.

Top 7 Best Questions to Ask a Team

  1. What can you tell me about the training and coaching you offer?
  2. Do you offer any administrative leverage?
  3. How are the team commission splits set?
  4. What role would I play on the team?
  5. How would you set expectations for me?
  6. What type of leads do you offer (if any), and how many?
  7. Who can I speak with if I have questions?
Agent sharing her success with her real estate mentor
Three agents discussing leads they just received

Coaching Program Expectations

Agents who join our Coaching Program are making the choice to move forward confidently in their real estate careers. Our Coaches provide the following expectations for you. As a result, you can clearly identify what you need to do in the program, and how you should act as a participant:

  • Mandatory Orientation on Friday at the Market Center, 9-12PM.
  • The main communication method we use is email, so you much open and read all of your emails to learn about resources, important tools, and opportunities.
  • Successfully complete the Essentials Online Training Course. This is the foundation of training, and has easy to customize resources and tools.
  • Complete your 30/60/90 Day Checklist. This is your roadmap to be successful, and is designed specifically for new agents.
  • Obtain answers to your questions and keep moving forward by attending Coaching Calls.
  • Access the Google Shared Drive. The “Agent Resources” folder has many customizable tools that will save you a lot of time.
  • Find important information about the Market Center and other technology and resources in the Passport to Success.

Coaching Program Training Calendar

Take advantage of our training calendar so you can keep track of all the activities and events in the Coaching Program. You can see what is coming up next on the calendar and where you should be. Look for events like the following, and so much more:

  • Group Coaching Sessions on Tuesdays: 1PM to 2PM
  • Power Up: Daily, 8:30AM to 8:45AM
  • Q&A: Daily, 4:30PM to 5PM

What You Can Expect of the Coach’s Role in the Coaching Program

The Coach’s role will always focus on the three main pillars: Accountability, Coaching, and Training. You can expect your Coach will:


  1. Define clear expectations for you
  2. Hold you accountable
  3. Provide training and coaching
  4. Give you honest, unadulterated feedback
  5. Ask you tough questions that help you understand your decision-making process
  6. Listen to you while always maintaining your confidentiality
  7. Give you the power to achieve your goals
Coach in Coaching Program discussing the importance of adhering to a calendar
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